Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.
xingyuan HISTORY
  • 2017

    Purchased Zhejiang Yotan Environmental Technology Service Co., Ltd.
    Joined the field of smart environmental protection

  • 2016

    Purchased Hebei Hongmei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., engaging in environmental-friendly “smart cloud monitor”
    Controlled Hangzhou Huashi Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd., focusing on the construction of sponge city
    Marched toward garbage disposal and new energy utilization field with Huayong Environment & New Energy Co., Ltd.
    Set up environmental industry fund, further promoting industrial integration
    Won advanced group at the G20summit


  • 2015

    Changed name to Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.
    Became a shareholder of Hangzhou Yinjiang Environment Technology Co.,Ltd. and accessed to the field of comprehensive treatment of water environment
    Controlled Hangzhou Xingyuan Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and accessed to the field of energy conservation and environment protection
    Became a shareholder of Shanghai Haocang System Control Technology Co., Ltd. and accessed to the field of smart environment protection
    Purchased Hangzhou Zhongyi Ecological Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. and accessed to the field of ecological environment construction


  • 2014

    Organized “Zhejiang Province Five Water Treatment Technical Support Alliance” to build Zhejiang new model of five water economy
    Purchased Zhejiang Shujun Engineering Co., Ltd., the company's business extended to the upstream of the industrial chain
    The company was moved to Yuhang Economic Development Zone of Hangzhou City
    Purchased Zhejiang Shuimei Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. and turning into “environmental governance and integrated service providers”


  • 2011

    Listed on Shenzhen GEM (stock code: 300266), and the company stepped into a new phase

  • 2009

    Reorganized as Hangzhou Xingyuan Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.


  • 2004

    Capital reorganization, turning from family corporation to modern enterprise

  • 1995

    Xingyuan Filter was rated as recommended program as a key technical achievement by Ministry of Construction

  • 1994

    Xingyuan Filter was viewed as well-known Chinese brand-name product

  • 1992

    Founded Hangzhou Xingyuan Filter Co., Ltd.

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