Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is based on landscape art and adheres to advanced philosophy. Whether municipal engineering construction and landscape architecture design, the company pays attention to the sustainable development on society, economy, culture and environment, and it strives to create a harmonious atmosphere between man and nature. In these years, the company has engaged in the integrated design and construction of landscape architecture in such fields like river system, lake and reservoir, garden, road, square, green belt, etc.

Landscape architecture

We make plan and design according to local conditions and fully play the role of urban green land, road and river to relieve urban waterlogging, reduce urban runoff pollution load, save water resource, increase water resource utilization, protect and improve urban ecological environment. Generally speaking, our city has favorable “flexibility” in adapting to environmental change and responding to natural disasters as a sponge by taking measures of sponge city construction.

Sponge city

We deeply excavate the deposits and potentials in local history, culture, nature and other aspects and has constructed town featured on leisure tourism, trade logistics, modern manufacturing, educational technology, traditional culture, beautiful and livable to promote ecotourism development.

Characteristic town

Mining abandoned land is contaminated with heavy metal and acid drainage, thus the governance objectives are ecological restoration and pollution abatement. Mine pollution restoration is restricted by factors like landform, climatic characteristics, hydrologic condition, soil physical, chemical and biological characteristics, surface soil condition, pollution potential, etc., thus these factors must be taken into consideration in selection restoration technologies and solutions.  

Mining rehabilitation
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