Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

Everyone has a green dream. 
My green dream is pure: “when you reach a place, your first impression of it is the local air and water, because environment provides mankind with intuitive memory. I hope to lead Xingyuan to do a good job in environmental governance and impress all people with blue sky and green water.”
for more than 20 years’ effort, the original pure dream has now become a heavy responsibility on my shoulders, and the most intuitive memory has already sublimated into a belief in beautiful environment, reverence and eternal pursuit.
Today, Xingyuan has developed into a national high-tech enterprise, intellectual property demonstration enterprise, and comprehensive environmental governance service provider. More than 20 provinces and cities throughout the company like Inner Mongolia prairie, Xinjiang gobi desert, West Lake, Erhai Lake, G20 Summit and graceful Qiongzhong village witness our actions and classic works.

Returning green to hills, clear to rivers, making the air more clean and the homeland more vibrant. Over the past 20 years, our original intention to improve ecological environment has never changed. In future, we would like to cooperate with friends, who love the environment and protect the environment, to contribute our wisdoms and perspirations to the global environment governance and to protect the blue sky and green water for our descendants!



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